Wednesday, September 1

wardrobe wednesday...{fashion icon}

Who's your fashion icon?

Someone who's you style you admire and gain inspiration from?

Is that person famous, from a bygone era or a current fashionista today?

Perhaps she is classic, a la Audrey Hepburn.... or daring and provocative like Marilyn Munroe and Liz Taylor or does she stand out from the crowd like Allanah Hill or Katy Perry or is she an understated beauty the likes of Miranda Kerr?

But sometimes a fashion icon is right under your nose!

These pictures of all of my Nonna during her years in Egypt and Italy!  They made up part of the slideshow that was put together when we celebrated her 80th Birthday a few months ago.

I now know where I get my love of scarves, flat ballet shoes and anyone that can side-saddle a camel in wedges and look that glamorous deserves and fashion icon status!!!


  1. I'll say! Such lovely pictures of your Nona. I've always admired my Nan, too, with her simple but always elegant dress sense. The coat, scarf, shoes & bag always co-ordinated beautifully, gorgeous!

  2. Doesn't she look gorgeous! No wonder you have such great's in your genes!! I can't really say I have a style icon as I'm rather eclectic. Sometimes it's Audrey Hepburn, sometimes Kate Moss. But mostly I just love people watching....there are some funky gals out there. Lots of laughter and love for you :)

  3. oh wow love the photos! what a trip down memory lane for everyone there - love the swimmer shot, she has a great figure!



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