Tuesday, September 7

A dream tutorial!

Ok, so for a while now I have been wanting to post a tutorial - share the process of how to make something from go to woe.  Although I also feared this with a bit of trepidation as my confidence in feeling that I earned any kind of status enabling me to write a tutorial was somewhat lacking.  I love crafting, sewing and decorating my home but I feel as though I am a jack of all trades (crafting ones, that is) and a master at none!

But having said that, I am taking a huge hop, skip and a jump in the deep end and decided to share a small little project I worked on the other day!

Have you ever noticed how in every single home decorating magazine there is always a wooden letter or word adorning a fireplace or mantle, bookshelf or kitchen bench??? Recently I bought the wooden word "laugh" and spray painted in bright yellow for a feature wall and was delighted with the results but it got me thinking!

My next attempt was the word "dream" but this time covered in decorative paper....

Here is how I did it!

You'll need...

wooden word - you can get these at spotlight
spray adhesive
old newspaper
decorative paper large enough to cover the entire word
cutting mat
cutting knife
emery board

Step 1.

Trace your wooden letter in mirror image on the wrong side of your decorative paper.
Using the cutting knife, cut around this outline and any middle parts (it might be slightly bigger at this stage by don't worry).

Step 2.

lay your wooden word (right side up) and paper (wrong side up) on the newspaper and give a light spray with adhesive being careful that the paper does not stick to the newspaper.  Carefully place the paper on the word lining up the edges and gaps.

Step 3.

Lay the word upside down on the cutting mat and using your cutting knife tidy up the edges of paper that are overhanging.

Step 4.

Using the emery board file the edges of the timber and paper so that they are smooth - you can file as much or as little.  Filing more away will give it that worn out vintage look!

Now enjoy your own personally crafted artwork!


  1. It looks great, I love your yellow 'laugh' too..

  2. this is a great idea...i love the words that you have chosen to work with. Wishing you a day filled with laughter and dreams.

  3. Looks great!! I did a bunch of these 'create' etc from Spotlight, sprayed them all red for my market stall & kept being asked/ begged to allow them for sale. They only cost $5 at Spotlight. I did like the 'laugh' so i'll have to go back, as i did let the customers buy them for a whopping $10 (they were not sprayed to perfection, but gotta give the people what they want (even after telling them where to get them, people loathe spraying if they can avoid it??!!) I should have taken snaps of the words imprinted on the grass where i sprayed!! Love Posie

  4. what a lovely idea. I saw a new shop the other day at northland that was selling wooden letters..... i wonder what i could spell......

  5. You clever, clever thing! Will definately have a whirl at this. But in true "us" style....you'll never guess what I can look up and read from my desk right this second as they are glued to my wall...the words, "dream, create, inspire"! They had run out of "laugh" when I went! Freaky again!! Love the idea with the paper...looks wonderful...and great tutorial. Bravo to you clever lady :) x x

  6. Look at clever you, it looks great Brenda and the tutorial is really easy to understand. The end result looks great, maybe there might be more tutorials..... xo


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