Friday, September 3

friday loves

A few loves that I'm having at the moment....

1. I love eggs - scrambles, poached, florentine, benedict, hard-boiled, or used when baking.  This is a surprise actually given my both my parents hate them with a passion!  My kids love eggs too!  My son loves to crack them and break them and my daughter will hunt out the small saucepan and request a soft boiled egg! My husbands colleague brings in fresh eggs to work every few days from his chooks and there is nothing like fresh farm eggs.

2. I love books - and always have one (or two) on the go and need to read a little bit each night before turning in!  Tomorrow When the War Began is now being made into a movie, but did you know it was part of a series of books written by John Marsden?  The first book was published when I started high school and then each of the other 6 books were released every year after that, giving me one book every year of my high school days.  I remember borrowing the first book from the library by chance as a year 7 student, and reading it in two days over the weekend it was so good!  These books were like the Harry Potter for my era!  I want to see the movie, but already i know that the books will be better!

3. I love altruism - when people help people for no return, praise or acknowledgement.  Last week I was the recipient of such altruism when a blogger by the name of Maxabella Loves offered to fix my blog header!  Maxabella was also responsible for sharing a great kids dress tutorial find that I desperately needed!  If you haven't visited her blog, please do!  It's full of inspiration, real life anecdotes and posts to make you think!

4. I love this cute little spring outfit - especially the headband!


  1. Eggs are very popular in our house! Whenever my husband is home for breakfast with the fam, there is a fry up.
    I love love to read also. I also started to read the John Marsden series when in high school, but for some reason never really got into it and didn't ever finish.
    I agree, Maxabella's blog is a really great read! Maybe she can help me do a header....

  2. I can't wait til I can eat runny eggs again, oh and soft cheese and soft serve and sushi..... I also heart Maxabella Loves! Have a great weekend xx

  3. i seem to be sharing your passions quite a bit!
    gimme an egg> :)
    your header is special!

  4. I love everything you love too! I loved reading John Marsdens series when I was a teenager, cant believe it is now a movie!

  5. Fabulous eggy shot. It's an hour after dinner and I'm already plotting breakfast.


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