Wednesday, September 15

wardrobe wednesday...

Did you ever have some fashion nuances??  You know, when you were little and you just HAD to wear a particular outfit over and over or a piece of clothing regardless??

Well for me it was knee high socks!  I didn't care what outfit I would be wearing or where I was going, but it had to be knee high socks and unfortunately back in the 80's trendy lacy or opaque knee high's weren't on the agenda for this little fashionista....

And my poor Mother and Nonna who would fight with me   try to persuade me out of my stubborn foot attire to prefer much more lady like anklet socks with the lace trim to match a girly dress - but to no avail, I was not to be convinced on other alternatives....

I remember one pair in particular....bright red wool socks that had so much use they went all ball-y and one day they just didn't stay "up" anymore!  Oh dear....I do remember seeking out some elastic bands to keep them up!  What we do for fashion!!!

Jeans - Kmart (I have been living in these all winter!!)
Racer back tiger singlet - asos
lightweight bomber jacket - Kmart
Boots - Tony Bianco
Hat - Country Market (I think it might be a men's hat, but hey if the hat fits...)
Earrings - Sportsgirl


  1. Looking fab as usual lovely girl! Those boots are fantastic. And knee high socks....loved them!!!! I was particularly fond of black ones. Have many a teenage photo with those babies on! Hope all is well in your world. Chat soon :) x x

  2. Most things seem to come back in fashion again, so you may just be wearing those knee highs again soon! ;)


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