Monday, September 20

At my house .....

School holidays are upon us - so two weeks without much commitment or heading out the door hastily to get to places on time!  The kids and I are still recovering from what I like to call is the worst cold ever - not a flu, but a really bad cold and just hung around made us all miserable.  But with that came lots of down time, cuddling in the bed and staying in pj's all day....

Today's activity was a bit of fun - Playdough with bits and pieces around the home to make it more interesting.  My kids had fun sticking buttons and beads and pasta into the dough to make funny things.  We also have this kit that makes playdough bugs!!

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  1. buttons are a great idea ... i will have to add some to my playdough box!

  2. I hear you, Brenda. We've all had that nasty cold too and it's weeks of misery. On the mend now.

    Sticking stuff in playdough is one of our favourite activities in Maxabellaland. On my kitchen windowsill, I have a whole row of bizarre monsters with stuff sticking out of every available surface. We love each and every one of them. x

  3. What a fun day! Pity about the lurgy hanging on....we have it here now :( Still shovelled dirt like a maniac yesterday though. Can't keep a good horse down I say!! Am off to buy some more of your lovely earrings for a friend (or me....!) Hope your weekend was yummy :)

  4. I guess I should be taking note of all these great school holiday activities for when I need them! Hope you have a great week and that the weather is kind to you!

  5. Oh yes, play dough, i miss those days. I did have one who couldn't resist eating it, so homemade was the best. Love Posie

  6. Play dough bugs sound like fun, I know my little Miss 4 would love that.


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