Thursday, August 22



It's time to say farewell to this blogging space.  I had planned to do it better, but time just hasn't allowed.  I had so many more posts I wanted to write, share and enjoy with you all, but time isn't on my side.  I need to prioritise and when I can't even find time to come and visit you as much as I would like, then it's not about squeezing in posts when I can.  To me that isn't blogging.  I always knew at the start of this year that by the end of it, I would say goodbye to MiraNarnie....that it would stop. more.  But now I am actually having to do it, it's with a heavy heart.  She's carried me through so much, brought me so much joy, inspiration and challenged me to a whole new way of connecting with like minding (and even not so like minding) individuals.   And the people.  Whoa the people I've meet, the friends I've made....that was the surprise package that I didn't expect when I blindingly and naively jumped into the blogging scene.

The consolation is that my blogging journey is not officially ending.  Just this space is.

So whilst I literally pack my family up from our life in Melbourne, the time is here to say goodbye.  Life at the moment is crazy busy with all the shenanigans that come with moving, changing schools and building a house.   I will be blogging from 13 acres as much as time allows.   Our new family blog is all about our new life in a small country town and our documentation on our new build, planning our veggie garden, farm animals and general goings on.  

I wont forget you all.  I'll still try and visit you, when I get the just might not be that often.  

Thank you to those that read my blog, followed along, made wonderful comments and were just part of this experience that is hard to leave.

As I close this  I anticipate what the next instalment will bring


Sunday, August 11


32/52 - A portrait of my children, once a week, every week for a year

J - Watching in anticipation as his sister receives her gifts
M - The Birthday Girl in all her splendour

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Tuesday, August 6

from nature {a giveaway}

It has been known for centuries the healing powers of aromatherapy and the use of natural essential oils on the senses.  For a while now, I have been making a more conscience effort to return to using aromatherapy in my everyday routine.  Something that has been made easier by a wonderful product that I happened to stumble across whilst holding a stall at a local market.  The stall holder next to me was Cara, and her Aroma sticks and rubs have been in use daily since.

The benefits of the Aroma Sticks mean that a little piece of aromatherapy goodness can be with you wherever you go.  The essential oil inhalers come in five different blended scents and are all designed to boost your mood with their healing properties.  Simply remove the lid and inhale the scent!  I have incorporated the lavender inhaler into our nighttime routine, allowing the children to inhale the wonderful properties of lavender and petitgrain which calms the senses, soothes and aids sleep.  I have the Refresh inhaler in my handbag for a quick hit of Lime and Tangerine to aid in reducing anxiety and providing a happy serene stimulus.

When Cara decided to promote her products online we forged our creative talent together and I was given the opportunity to photograph her products, which you can now find in at FarmHouse Direct and at AndAble.

Cara has also given me a selection of her products to one lucky reader as a giveaway!!!

The pack includes:

One each of the five inhalers - Invigorate, Comfort, Refresh, Strength and Ease.
One Aroma Rub - Balance which includes a cream infused with Geranium, Juniper Berry, Grapefruit and Evening primrose oil.

To enter just leave me a  comment!  Giveaway closes Tuesday 13th August at 8pm.  A winner will be selected at random.

Giveaway Closed!  Thankyou to all who entered!  Random winner was comment no 9!  Kymmie you are the winner!  yay!!! 

Monday, August 5


Change.  It's good at times to change things up.  What they say is right...A change is as good as a holiday, and when that Change is a Holiday...Even better.  Last week we did the road trip to Sydney, stopping off for an overnight at our soon to be new residence to break up the drive, and check our progress.  Change Change is the time we got back from Sydney with another stop off at the building site, windows had arrived and I'm busy scheduling in appointments for interiors!  Eeek!  Exciting times!

1. Under the harbour bridge..,.and just as amazing really
2. My two doing the double decker tourist bus trip and loving every minute
3. Snack time at The Rocks
4. View from the Sydney Tower...I'm just a sucker for old buildings.
5. Sunset view from our room.
6. A stop on the way home at Bowral  to see the Sir Don Bradman oval.
7. The builders and the windows....

Hoping your week was splendid!

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Saturday, August 3


31/52 - A portrait of my children once a week, every week for a year 

J - Getting his feet wet at Bondi Beach 
M - Drawing faces in the sand

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Saturday, July 27


30/52 - A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for a year

J - His "angry/happy" eyes 
M - "mum, I just want to watch the water" 

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Friday, July 26

Sydney, you sneaky city

We're here!  Our family road trip to Sydney...and we've hit the ground running...!  Planning to get as much done in our short stay here and already our memories are bursting on our first full day in this glorious city.  I must confess something though first....I wasn't "excited" about coming to Sydney as I should have been...I mean, I was excited we were all packing our bags and heading off on a family adventure but perhaps I didn't really stop to think about any excitement I had for actual Sydney....

But now that I am here...well, Sydney...what can I say!  You are one mighty fine city!  I have just been wandering around all day with my mouth agape like one of those clown games at Luna Park that you stick the ping pong balls down their gob.  My neck is turning this way and that...and that jaw just drops at every imaginable beauty.   Today we headed off on the ferry to Manly...such a gorgeous place!  We spent most of the day there...walking along the beach, enjoying the amazingly mild winter sunshine that had us Melbournians stripping down to t-shirts! An amble around the Opera House with a well earned beer along open air bar sitting back and watching the view.

Seriously are capturing my beat at a time!

Sunday, July 21


A Portrait of my children once a week, every week, for a year

J - Still a little pensive when the camera comes out...
M - And this one tends to light up at the opportunity of a photo! 

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Friday, July 19

Sydney bound....

Yep...we're off on a family road trip next week.  Melbourne to Sydney....and we cannot wait! 

I'm busy planning how we can fill our days, what sights to see and also the usual organisation that goes with travelling with kids.  My kids are familiar with time on the road, however this will be our longest stint, although I do plan to break it up, stopping off and allowing the holiday begin before we reach our final destination.   I'll take the kids to Gundagai for the Dog on a Tuckerbox experience, and also the Big Marino somewhere on the way to Goulburn.   On the way home I hope to detour off the freeway and do the Grand Pacific Drive...Oh there is just so much I'm finding it's all to hard to choose! 

It's been over twenty years since I've been to sydney, so technically the last time I went I was the child being taken care of.  What to see and do?  I've got the classic opera house visit, harbour cruise (weather permitting) and a trip to a market planned but tell me...what should we do??  Where should we go??  Or better still, what should we avoid???  

Sydney here we come! 


Wednesday, July 17

stash PART 2 - blue quilt

 In my efforts to de-stash the fabric stash...I made a conscious effort to cut with the procrastinating and get to it.  In other words....Commit and then Sew.  Sew. Like. A. Crazy. Women.

And thats what I did when I made this quilt.  It's totally not at all perfect and really, I used the wrong wadding, but in my attempt not to buy any more fabric during my sewing hiatus I didn't want to tempt fate by returning to a place dripping in I stayed away from all stores fabric, notions and haberdashery!  I must say...initially there were withdrawals, but now I am totally at peace with my decision.  I'm looking at my stash in a complete different way.

I've made one of these quilts before...and I knew that if I was to embark again, I had to get it done and get it done fast.  I cut one day...started sewing squares the next, then rows, then joining rows and before I knew it the quilt top was done.  I made the binding (great use of fabric right there!) and, sat eagerly at night hand sewing it all together.   Before I knew it, it was draped over the couch and has pretty much stayed there and used for added warmth during these chilly nights since.

I still have a fair way to go through the stash, but it's nice to know that all these little fabric bits here and there have merged together to make a quilt for our family.

Part 1 here 

Monday, July 15

this week

Oh the school holidays....what fun!  No school lunches or remembering what happens on what day.  No surprise we spent most of our time near our soon to be abode, but all too soon it was over and the school term has resumed. ...

:: this week in photos ::

1.  House progress...the roof is on, and I may have just had one (or more) colour-bond moments like on the ad where I just stood and stared, marvelling in all that roof glory!
2. We enjoyed Salami Making Day over the school holidays....
3. Give a kid a go-cart and let them play...
4. Wet concrete...a small hand = lasting memory
5. Playing chasey with Nonno
6. Feeling right at home on the ride-on.

Hope you all enjoyed the school holidays....

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Friday, July 12


28/52 - a portrait of my children once a week every week for a year 

J - Oh dear...their is that teenage you again...and you're in the divers seat! 
M - Having some fun with dad in our soon to be backyard! 

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