Friday, September 24

friday loves

a few loves that i'm having at the moment....

1. thoughtfulness - Ok so last week I posted that we were 'recovering' from 'the worst cold ever'!  Well I lied....we were not recovering, oh-no!  I think I just said that to psych myself better and say good riddance to being sick.  No it hung around and morphed into something far more hideous that included aching ears, razor blades in the throat and my poor boy got an ear infection during the week!  booo hoo to us!  A friend called, just as I had pulled up smack bang in the middle of Struggle Town and said to me 'Oh my.... I can't believe you're all still sick....I'm cooking soup today, so i'll drop you around some'


So when she arrived at 4pm that day with a basket, brimming with so much food....i haven't had to cook for three nights!  Two types of soup, tuna pesto pasta, bread rolls and a huge watermelon!  Can you believe it - She has two kids and works part time as well!!  Thankyou Janine!  You are awesome!  Unfortunately my friend is blogless!  A travesty I know...and something i will have to work on because she is the most organised person I know it would make for a great blog!

2. Bloggy friends -No really you guys are all full of awesomeness.  Whilst being cooped up inside sick and with sick kids it was nice to know that I could log on and have inspirational moments of sanity.  Just reading what you folks were up to meant I didn't feel so isolated.  You were like my mothers group, a warm hug, a cozy blanket, a great conversation and a cup of herbal tea all at once.

3. Lovely sibling moments.... caring for each other, comforting one another and in general, just showing their love for one another (sometimes)!

I've joined in with the delightful Maxabella Loves link were bloggers declare what they are grateful for!  Please stop by her inspiring blog if you get a chance...

Happy Friday to you all


  1. oh the last photo is so precious. I need me my own Janine! Hope you are all feeling a little better xx

  2. Happy day, sweet Brenda. I'm glad you're all on the mend. Would you please link this lovely post up to my Saturday Grateful linky tomorrow? x

  3. It feels so good to have special friends that you can count on in difficult times...hope you are all well for the weekend. x

  4. What a gem of a friend!
    Hoping that everyone is feeling a bit brighter today.


    PS discovered you via Maxabella Loves

  5. what a great list Brenda and a wonderful basket full of goodies.
    hope you are all better soon and enjoying the little bit of the sunshine out there.
    happy weekend

  6. Hi Brenda! Lucky you for having such great, caring friends. Being sick is hard enough but with sick children too, it's the worst. I am so glad winter is over (fingers crossed anyway!)
    Thank you so much for your very kind comments on my blog! It's nice to 'meet' a new bloggy friend! Love your site! Danielle x

  7. What a great friend you have there....It is amazing how much we value the simple things when we are sick...There is nothing quite like the generosity of good food, is there!

    Visiting from Maxabella Loves....

    Gill xo

  8. It's not much fun when the whole house is sick. Your friend sounds awesome! I'd love to have one of those next time I'm sick. I Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. I feel for you, I got the sore ears and razor blades in the throat and achy all over this week, oh also had the chills too - it was AWFUL.
    So I hope you are all finally on the mend now.
    Lucky you for soup wielding friends!

  10. We really can't survive without others sometimes can we? What a top friend, not just one meal but 3!! The photo of your kids is just adorable!! This sunshine is doing wonders for the soul and I hope it is healing your family too!


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