Friday, September 10

Friday loves

A few loves that I'm having at the moment....

1.  Winning a giveaway!  Yes, this week I won a wonderful giveaway from the lovely Melinda of Here we go loopy lou - I got to pick something from your store and couldn't resist the dressmaker cards!!!

2.  La Photo Cabine - I noticed this on Cathy's blog and just had so much fun with it!  I think me and kids were playing with it for hours - ok I was playing with it too!!!!  Check it out!

3.  My letterbox fairy - every now and again, my dear friend surprises me with a special treat in my letterbox - and it just makes my heart sing!  How sweet are these little treats!  Do you enjoy baking?  Well, next time you make a batch of cookies or cake, leave some in a neighbours or friends letterbox - nice change from all those nasty bills!

Happy friday


  1. Oh I want a letterbox fairy! Congrats on winning Melinda's giveaway, I have some of her creations and they are gorgeous! Happy Weekend to you my blogging friend xx

  2. I'm not surprised you have a letterbox fairy. You're just the kind of gal to attract one.

    I'm heading over to that Photo Cabine this instant!! x

  3. Going to try out the Photo thingy too! I hope you get your cards very soon, you chose one of my faves too!

  4. Congratulations on the win. It is always a particularly special feeling when it happens, like all is right with the world PLUS you have the letterbox fairy! Triple win! Way to go!

  5. Ooooh, what a lovely idea. Leaving some baked goods in a friends letterbox. I'll remember that. Hope you have had a lovely start to your week. x

  6. love your pics!!
    reminds me we need to take some more.
    i love that you have a letterbox fairy, so sweet ♥


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