Wednesday, September 29

Wardrobe wednesday...

On Grand Final day we were off to a wedding of good friends.  It was a lovely day in Melbourne (for the first time this spring!).  The sun shone. I felt better. we had my MIL and SIL to baby sit the kids. Thankyou!!! 

And new shoes! 

I hadn't decided what I was going to wear until about an hour before we had to go.  I put this navy dress on, a little silver belt, shrug and that was it!  No changing into five hundred different combinations!!!!

It was a beautiful ceremony. I love weddings. they are just so magical and it reminds me of my own wedding.  We got to catch up with great friends, dance and have time together!  We even danced!

The happy married couple!

And for all those people that could not believe that someone would be married on GF day, relax - I organised a draw so it will be on again this weekend!!

Dress; Dorothy Perkins
Belt; Witchery
Shoes; local shoe shop
shrug; sportsgirl


  1. loving the sexy strappy shoes !! you'll have to tell me which local :)

  2. Only one combination? Thats impressive! I have to agree - good choice with the shoes :)

  3. Oh those shoes are heavenly! The colour is fab!! Don't you just love when you can pull a look together and it just works. Gorgeous as ever! So glad you got to kick you heels up after you icky sickness. Hope your week is grand! :) x x


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