Wednesday, September 22

my creative space...

I got so excited with some the arrival of some new fabric in the post from Aunty Cookie that I got straight to crafting and making.....

Previously I had made, what I like to call "the conversation card" as I had a cute little bit of off cut fabric with cute little people, and they looked like they were saying cute little things, so on the cards, I added cute little conversations....

Then I sold all the cards (yay!) - but couldn't get anymore of that limited edition fabric (boo hoo)
But then I found this one (yay!) and its brilliant....

So more cards will be filling my store soon, and I'll have more kooky conversations on them to boot!

For more crazy zany conversation that you can poke a stick at head over here!


  1. oh, I will so be getting myself one of those cute Craft is the new black! Let me know when they are in the store! I love it, will be great in a frame xx

  2. I was looking at buying some of that exact same fabric this morning.....gorgeous isn't it!

    I wanted to order only 1/2 a meter but I didn't want any heads cut off.....were any of your heads cut off?

    P.S. Your cards are the cutest ever!

  3. What a sweet fabric and I love your idea of 'conversation' cards. It all looks so good. x

  4. These little cards are too sweet.....I can see why they all sold. Hope your week has been a lovely one. x


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