Thursday, September 2

my creative space...

It's not often that I wear a pair of dangly earrings, but when I do it seems to an issue to find my little collection scattered about my dressing table or thrown in drawers and it's resulted in most of them being housed in a little zip up pouch.  Consequently I have to tip the contents out in order to find a pair or entangle them from one another....

well not anymore...

the thought of purchasing any kind of storage for some costume jewellery was not going to happen...

so I rummaged through my ever growing stash of craft supplies....

a bit of sewing, cutting, glueing, hammering and sorting....

and voila!

Now all my earrings are on display, easy to find and if I can't wear them as often as i like as least I can look at them!

For more creative types head over here! 

**  If you want to give this project a go but don't have a sewing machine use a larger doily and place it between the embroidery hoop or use heavy weight tulle cut to size! 


  1. That is soooo clever! Well done you little crafty wonder! Hope your Thursday is lovely :) x

  2. It really looks beautiful hanging there with all your lovely earrings.xo

  3. Looks gorgeous!
    Brilliant idea!

  4. My only question is: why aren't you wearing that gorgeous collection more often?!

  5. How very clever of you! I love how it is a brilliant piece of art as well as brilliant storage.

  6. fabulous idea, I am definitely onto this!

  7. what a great idea! I have been needing to find somewhere for my mess of earrings also... I think you are on to something! well done.

  8. Such a good idea! Looks beautiful too.


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