Thursday, September 16

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I love making something simple for my wee little ones especially when hours of play come about because of it....

So with a bit of scrap fabric cut into rectangles and some more scraps of calico for more rectangles I made some happy sacks....  I filled the calico rectangles with rice (not too much) and put it inside a coloured fabric one sewing it shut.

Little bean bags for fun, throwing balancing, catching, sliding along the floorboards, knocking down skittles and general play!  And a bag with ribbon handles to carry and store them in.

I made my daughters first and when it came to making some for my son, I searched through a box in the shed and used some of his old clothes!   Although, his bag is not yet finished I have a great old checked shirt of his that will do the job fine!

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  1. We have bean bags at our house and they get used heaps! Great idea to have the extra bag inside to stop spills. Also means that if the outside gets too dirty you can just swap the cover - because obviously the rice can't be washed. Brilliant!

    Thanks so much for the great post over on my blog today as well. Lots of great ideas for the spring babies. Really appreciate the help Brenda. Lou.

  2. SO, so clever! Have been wanting to get some of these for a while so will have to pinch your idea if that's o.k my dear. I bet they just love them. Clever, crafty Mumma you are. Big smiles and hugs your way :) x

  3. that's a great idea, and i'm sure your little ones will have lots of fun with them!

  4. What a lovely idea, bet the littlies love them

  5. Never underestimate the power of a bean bag to induce fun in a youngster. The same goes for a bag to 'put things in'. They will spend hours gathering their special collection. x

  6. Lovely work!! I'm big on the bean bags, fill them just the right amount so they can't create casulties or smash the vases!! Love Posie

  7. wow, what a great idea! I bet they had so much fun playing with them!


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