Monday, September 27

@ my house....

Playing along with Lou today and sharing a glimpse of what is going on at my house.
This morning we did some grocery shopping - which is always a hoot with my two in tow!  They help with choosing the fruit and vegetables and putting it into the trolley.  I now give my son a "list" of things that he has to get at the shops and today he choose to have 8 items (my son has a bit of a thing with numbers - so today it was the number 8).  I tend to put things on his list that...

a) he can reach
b) interest him, ie, his favourite foods like sultana's, muesli bars, yoghurt etc
c) spread through the store so the game lasts the whole trip.

My daughter sits happily in the trolley and somehow we started a ritual that they could have a slice of wholemeal bread from one of the loaves that I buy.  I really can't believe that they still request it as soon as it goes into the trolley, but I'm not complaining as they merrily chomp on their plain piece of bread whilst I zoom past the confectionary isle.  ;-))

I'm cooking a beef steak salad tonight and couldn't resist some scrumptious root vegetables to go with it.  I am not a fan of tin beetroot, but these beets look so yummy! Some of our other trolley favourites are "triangle cheese" for my daughter and tonic water is really the only soft drink we have, the kids like it and I don't feel guilty letting them have a little bit.   Today I also bought some dill cucumbers which I haven't had for ages, but love them and ate some straight from the jar when I got home!

What's going at your house??  Stop past Lou if you would like to join in!


  1. I am such an admirer of the way you go about things, Brenda. Grocery shopping with children sounds like a pleasure for you. That's so fantastic! Enjoy your dinner. x

  2. I LOVE that your son is so interested in the shopping & helping you out. I really think it's so important for them to be involved in this & it makes shopping enjoyable instead of a chore.. My boys will eat plain bread on their way around the supermarket too, how great is that! We desperately need to get to the supermarkt today, but I really can't be bothered! Dinner sounds good, enjoy!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Brenda! Your blog is great too. Yes I have to agree,it's great how you're positive about grocery can be a nightmare for some! I just tend to go at night : )

  4. I'm so glad to hear that other mums give their children something to eat in the supermarket! Mine still expect a bread roll from the pack we are going to buy! Counts are morning tea sometimes...

    Your tea sounds very yummy!x

  5. For me the supermarket shopping is all about when I go. I try to go first thing in the morning when we are all fresh. If not then certainly a food bribe is needed. We often buy a little dinner roll at the bakery just outside the fruit and veg shop so we can all get around in peace. Some days the helping is enough and other days not at all!

    I was going to go today but thought my conjunctivitis eyes might not be a good look out and about.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  6. there really is nothing quite like a slice of ultra fresh bread, great tactic for getting past the lollies! that photo of your food selection at the bottom makes me think of pregnancy cravings!


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