Thursday, September 9

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There was once a little Brownie girl, who was making the big move up to Girl Guides and with that came the adventures of camping.  This little Brownie had never been camping before, but was eagerly awaiting this experience....

The time had come when Girl Guides and Brownies (soon to be Girl Guides) packed a little bag, bed roll, kissed their teddies good-bye and parents loaded up cars full of necessary items and treked out to the camping spot to drop them off.

Bell tents and mess areas were erected, pegs hammered into the ground, a camp fire was lit and marshmellows toasted.  We learnt how to Be Prepared!!

We sang Kum-bah-yah and when it was time to turn in, this little Brownie was so exhausted she slipped into her sleeping bag and drifted into the land of nod. But this little Brownie was sleeping on a slight slope, and so, at 3am in the morning had slipped head first under the tent....

Luckily her camp leaders noticed and dragged her back under... But the story has been retold many a times!!

Not quite a bell tent, but a tee-pee from the Crafty Minx book. Made in my kids favourite colours of blue  and yellow) My kids LOVE it and there will be no sleeping on slopes in this beauty!

well maybe not!

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  1. You are so clever! How do you find the time?

  2. Cute story!! I was a girl guide too (needless to say I didn't exactly get my craft badge, but I love the camping bit). The tent looks fantastic, lucky little campers. x

  3. Love it! The kiddies look like they are having a ball.

  4. Oh i love this little tee-pee...the little ones are really having fun.

  5. stunning tent! I was a brownie and a girl guide - kumbayah was definitely sung around many a campfire! poor humpty and poor little brenda.

  6. I love tee-pee's, they rock! Your kids look like they are having a blast.

  7. You are a star! That tee pee is sensational! Love the post too...never was a brownie but wished I was :( Poor little brownie conking her head. The kids look like they're having a ball...well done Mumma!! :) x x

  8. Oh my girls saw the tee pee in that particular book but I just pretend I did not hear :) Well done!!They will love it forever ;)x


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