Tuesday, August 31

at my house .....numbers & fever

So much going on at my house at the moment, that this post is a little late!  After a quick trip to the country on the weekend, my daughter got sick whilst we were away (again!) so have been reminded just how little she is, as my normally independent and courageous girl was bundled up on my lap or perched on my hip for the past two days, not wanting to leave my side as her temperature soared!  Turns out she has a throat infection and the antibiotics are doing the trick!

I tried to keep on top of things, but it just wasn't meant to be as I left a tissue in the wash (don't you hate that!) and as I tried to sneak some craft in last night, my stitch ripper fell off the table and landed in the paper feed of the printer on the floor!  Nice!

I am so thrilled that today is the last day of winter and I sense normality returning - my feisty daughter returns, demanding to start toilet training, and my son is constantly amazing me with his appetite for numbers (counting by 11's and addition are high on his priority at the moment!) - and whilst I'm not one to brag, my sister-in-law filmed him doing some numbers on the weekend and posted it on her school blog which you can check it out here.

to see what others are up to at their house stop past Lou's...


  1. Hope all is better in your house. Sounds like your little boy has a huge thirst for learning. We can count up to 4, although we sometimes get easily distracted! Take Care x

  2. Not the tissue in the wash! Groan, get out the masking tape and start patting away, Brenda. What a great way to spend an afternoon... not!

  3. Glad your little girl is getting better again. I HATE tissues in the wash. It is always in a dark load of clothes for me - SO ANNOYING!!

    Your little boy WOW, WOW, WOW. He is amazing! He certainly does love numbers and he is brilliant. Certainly worth bragging about!

    Thanks for joining in again this week Brenda. Lou.

  4. May spring bring brighter days for you!

    Counting by 11's wow! And he's not even at school yet - so great that he has a found a passion already!


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