Monday, August 16

a mia casa {at my house}

Remember a few months ago I shared with you all that I was trying to improve my italian prior to relatives visiting from Italy??  Well they arrive on Wednesday and I am ashamed to say that my italian stinks....and not in a great smelly feet fresh parmesan cheese kind of way!

We have been skyping them regularly, and last night I even had my little translation book in my hand and flashed it before the web-cam so there was no denying my limited abilities....

I am really looking forward to meeting our newly found relatives....I have been practicing, but not as much as I should and last night was a crack up when I was so proud that I had come up with some really good things to say I demonstrated my skills to hubby....

"Andare per una camminare?"

 My husband proudly informed me, that I had just demanded they go for a walk!!

Oh dear....this will be interesting!!  I hope to get away with lots of hand movement, photo pointing, eating lots of pasta and drinking vino! Wish me luck!!!

Che cosa sta accendendo alla vosta casa??  Join Lou here....

Photos; Us at the Vatican, Rome; Colosseum, Rome; Bridge of Sigh's - Venice; Ponte Vecchio - Florence - During our 2005 Europe trip (oh those were the days....)


  1. This reminds me to remind mio marito to start drilling the kids in Italian more often. I would hate for his / our family to lose such a rich part of his cultural background.

    What fun to have the Italianos over to stay. There will be a lot of sitting around, you know. They don't like to walk...

  2. I've just started reading Eat Pray Love, so right in the midst of her adventures in Italy, learning to speak Italian!

    I tried learning Italian in my first year at uni ... I just wasn't up to the task, unfortunately!

  3. hope you enjoy time with your relatives and maybe by the time they leave you will be speaking italian beautifully!

  4. Hi...I'm Laura from Italy, from Pisa near Florence!
    Lovely blog!
    I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy

  5. Yes, maybe the visit from the relatives will be wonderful for your Italian. Very regular (forced) practice for you.

    Love the final comment there...those were the days. Yes, have those thoughts myself. Carefree travel to beautiful places. At least we have had the chance to do it already and maybe one day will again.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lovely to have you. Lou.


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