Wednesday, August 18

wardrobe wednesday...

I'm noticing a change...

Can you?

Spring is nearly here and to be honest I can't wait.  If I had of started these Wardrobe posts at the start of winter my demeanor would have been somewhat different, seeing as I have a love affair with winter coats, boots over jeans and scarves in every colour and thickness.

But I'm over it!  I can't wait for fresh mornings where I can throw open the doors and windows, and sun that penetrates your face and cardigans you can slip off by lunch to catch some vitamin D on my bare arms....

Oh hurry up Spring...I miss you!

So in an attempt to convince myself Spring is here...a splash of colour, some little ballet flats and vintage scarf!

Jeans - Sass and Bide
White singlet - Cotton On
Orange top - Saba
Jacket - Armani Jeans
Shoes - gift from my mum and Nonna on their recent trip to Italy!
Scarf - op shop


  1. love the vintage scarf x i am ready for spring too, so I can open the doors and let the sun in and the boys out !! x

  2. Super cute outfit. A nice casual number.

    I can't wait for Spring because I just feel like we've had too much rain and frankly with rain comes mould and I'm sick of that!!!

  3. I am completely and utterly spun out at how similiar our minds work...are you sure you don't have a long lost sister. Was having exactly the same Spring thoughts today as it was quite warm up here....but wholeheartedly agree with you about winter fashion...heaven! Can't wait for less layers though, bare feet on the grass, orange toe nail polish, little fedoras and havaianas...oh come on sun!!! Hope all is lovely :)

  4. you look so cute by the window there.
    bring on some spring sunshine, looking forward to it.
    I do love winter but this rain & gloom has got me all down.
    happy weekend to you ♥


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