Monday, August 9

At my house .....

Birthday preparations are a plenty in our house right now.... the list just keeps going and I was overly delighted when I found my husband preparing our dinner at 8am this morning so that I didn't have to worry about it (adorable LOML!!)  and could focus on other pressing issues....

I worked most of last night on a little fabric, fold away carry house which will be a present for her 2nd Birthday.  I started it on the weekend when my mum was staying with us for a few days so it was great to have the advantage of an extra pair of hand cutting fabric and wadding and especially when it came to deciphering the instructions and working out how it would piece together. It's not yet finished but the hard stuff is done, I just have to stitch some walls in place!

Today we've collected a few little treasures that will make up some party favours...

And I had to share this most adorable cup-cake tier from the Robert Gordon range - a bargin addition at only $14!  My accidental carnival theme party is taking shape!

This afternoon my son and I might make some more pompoms and sneak in a game of snap!

What's up a your house??  Visit Lou to join in...


  1. Oooh sweet little letter box I spy.
    Can't wait to see the finished house - ours came for a trip to the physio today - they are such a cute portable toy.

  2. Wow, those little fabric houses are amazing!
    Can you ever have too many pom poms? No way, hope you make some more :)

  3. Gorgeous. That house is so clever - and great colours.

    Love the cupcake stand too. I have been admiring those a bit recently.

    Happy Birthday to your little girl.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  4. The house is going to be fanastic.

    At my house I am creatively tidying away the shoes over and over and over. The Badoo is at it again!

  5. talk about snap i bought those exact snap cards this weekend and have been playing with my peas ..... spooky, again !!! love the cupcake stand xx

  6. That cupcake stand is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your little one! xo

  7. loving those vintage-esque card games. my (almost) 3 year old begs me to play snap nearly every day - guess what pictures are on his snap set - farm animals.

    looks like you are enjoying the party prep! What will you do with the pom poms?

  8. what a gorgeous carry house!! looks like a fun birthday is in the making :)


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