Thursday, August 19

my creative space...

When inspiration strikes, I am compelled to stop in my tracks, listen whole-heartedly to the voice in my head to execute those creative thoughts into reality....

This week was filled with accomplishments....

A wall adorned with some attention....

bus roll print from linea swedish design
Plate from Ebay
Laugh sign from Spotlight and I spray painted it yellow
Frames from spotlight - one has a holiday snap of some familiar icon/other has some scrapbooking paper

A thrifted doily given a new lease of life....

some cute brooches and hair clips to come with me to Sunday's North Melbourne Market....

And did you notice my new Blog header, with those funny little black boxes ruining the moment??  Well, what I thought would be a few clicks of my computer turned into a few frustrated hours spent in front of said screen last night trying to get this.....

My Mac Book is very lucky that it is still in one peice - my patience with computers is not great.  If anyone has any skill in this area and can simplify how to upload (what I thought was quite a simple collections of snaps) into a blog header, it would be much appreciated by the technically challenged moi! 

For more creative types head here....


  1. The wall looks fab! The skirt is gorgeous! I think I spy a One Craftee Mumma! Doily on your hairclips and brooches! I love, love, love the new blog look! You have been very busy!

  2. Wow....accomplishments all round. Love the wall especially the yellow 'laugh' piece. I'm loving yellow at the moment. Wish I had some advice for your header mayhem....but computers are not a friend of mine either. x

  3. Love the skirt a lot and the brooches too. Pleased I am not the only tech challenged blogger, lol.

  4. Loving your wall...tres chic!! And you have been a busy bee with your sewing and crafting and blog header prettifying (is that a word?)...looks gorgeous! You are a clever love!!Hope you have a brilliant rest of your week :)

  5. oh mira! i have respect for your frustrations and so have to say i can't be of any help. so sorry... but! your header looks swell! and what you did on your wall... it is lo-ve-ly. thank you for so much inspiration in just one post!

  6. Mmmm ... wish I could help with the blog header ... I still haven't got mine sorted yet and I'd love some beginners advice myself. Good luck.
    My Creative Space

  7. this is precisely why you see my booooooring blog header continue to stay there as every time I try and change it, it just ends up a mess!

    hope it works out as it does look great! the wall is fantastic too - well done.

  8. very busy this week!
    everything is looking lovely & I especially love the skirt.
    i guess you still haven't figured out the why of those boxes.
    sorry, am of no help.
    goodluck, it looks great.


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