Thursday, August 5

my creative space...

It is creative mayhem at my house this week.....

There is a little girls 2nd Birthday happening next week.  I have a few things ready, like a cute little madamoiselle from my dear friend Steph.

 To add, I have taken it upon myself to

a) make little invitations for a little morning tea party!
b) make the cake (still undecided!) and am in awe of the cake make by Cathy for her son's birthday
c) make some presents - one being this little portable carry house!   that Karen showed off last week - I have only managed to download the tutorial, buy a few things I needed and the rest has just stayed here on the ironing board waiting patiently!

I also finished two of the tote bags I was making from scraps of fabric and sent one off to a friend and mine (the yellow one ) has already come in use at shops that don't provide bags! Yes, is says I 'heart' op shops!!  I've put a picture on my side bar if you want some op shop love at yours....

Yesterday my kids were ready to head off to Playgroup really early, so I took my crochet with me and lucky, because we were the only ones for quite and while and I got making this little project (something that has been in my head for a while!)  Not quite finished, but will show you the progress another time!

Lots of projects - most of them unfinished but it's lots of fun!

See what other crazy crafters are up to at Kootoyoo!


  1. I've seen that little carry house before and just love it- can't wait to see yours!

  2. Oooh, loving the granny square block, what a great idea. You are going to be one busy chicken with those party preps. I'm hoping to keep riding the 'he won't notice yet' vibe with my almost-2 boy when it's his turn in September!

  3. Lucky girl- looks like it is going to be a wonderful 2nd birthday.

  4. My bag arrived today with my lovely key chain!! You gorgeous, wonderful thing!! Thanks so much I absolutely adore them and am bowled over at your sweet generosity! Your preparations look wonderful...loving that crochet block? And I've had one of those little houses on the back burner too...been a tad scared of it! Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs x

  5. oodle of creativity going on here - you have me hooked (ha!) on the idea of the granny square in 3D!

  6. You're a busy girl! Promise to get onto that info about the house ASAP - and post it tomorrow!
    Love the look of the intivations.

  7. You have been very busy and lots of pretty things in your space today. The invitations are looking very sweet and I am curious about you project.... I look forward to seeing what your creating. xo

  8. have been a busy little bee! I love your bunting invitations.....bunting is so cool right now! x

  9. ahhh, bunting invites!! sooo cool indeed.
    looks like alot of work ahead of you Brenda, goodluck with it all.
    as Gina said, i thought my 3 yr old would not want a party so was kind of ok with that until about a month before he started talking about bee cakes & parties so I had to give in.

    I have been eyeing off that house for about a year now on another blog, I put it in the way too hard for me pile.
    have fun & happy preparations.

  10. love the pink and white polka dots! cant wait to see how the party goes looks like shes getting some very special and lovely gifts. lucky little girl! : ) hope you have a lovely weekend xo

  11. everything sounds so fun at your house right now. that little house is very very cute. happy crafting.

  12. Cute as a button! Hope the party is lovely and you enjoy the rest of the preparations, xkate

  13. PS - I can't seem to stop mentioning you on my blog, Brenda. Today it's a bit of word verification magic... you'll see...


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