Friday, August 13

Wardrobe wednesday...

On a friday I know!  But my little girls birthday took precedent this week...

I'm enjoying doing a wardrobe post on my blog, it makes me think about what clothes I have and how to rework them. 


 I love getting inspiration from magazines, and other blogs like Ish and Chi.   Take this skirt, which I bought pre-children and I barely wore it as it was a weird length (think nanna style mid calf) - what was a thinking??? many times I would drag it from the bottom draw, sometimes thinking it could go into the donations bag, and then at the last minute I would think 'no, i might wear it one more time...'

...well five years on and I think me and this skirt will become better acquainted as I pulled it out of the bottom draw (again) tried my best to make it look acceptable - I only zipped it up half way, tucked in the waist band and hitched up to my waist and belted it up!  It's a much better length now I think...

Other good news is that I finally made an online purchase which arrived the other day - I bought some bright tops for summer and some pewter flats (they were on sale!)  - all fit perfectly...

Top - Dotti
Skirt - Katies
Belt - Blue Illusion
Boots - Sandler
Necklace - Diva


  1. Great ensemble. Imagine working at Shop Handmade, i have to work up some style too, which i love after 9 years of working from home & only having to dress for children & school mums. I'm really loving the wardrobe revival this year. Love Posie

  2. You clever little fashionista! Love when you can rework something old (or unworn) and make it fab!Loving that necklace! Wishing you a blissful weekend lovely girl :)


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