Wednesday, August 4

wardrobe wednesday {fine dining}

My husband and I got an offer to go to The Press Club with our very good friends at short notice on the weekend.  We don't go out often, needless to say, given we have two little children - but we were looking forward to this occasion.   It's a restaurant that has been on our list for quite some time, and unless you completely missed every episode of Masterchef, then you'll recognise that this restaurant is in fact George Colambaris' (judge on the show).

It was a late sitting, so the little ones were asleep before my friend came to babysit and she was looking forward to some quite time on my couch as I was getting ready.

We were able to have some pre-dinner drinks and nibbles at the Little Press Club which has only been opened for 10 days and this started the night off on a lovely note, as the waiters doted on us and George himself walked passed our table and headed off into the kitchen!

We were escorted to The Press Club once our table was ready and our coats were taken and placed in the cloak room as if we were royalty!

My husbands best friend is a wine buff, so he was in charge of selecting the wine, and it was amazing!  Our food was sumptuous (I had the duck and my husband had the lamb) and I would have to say the best fine dining experience I have ever had!

I watched the chef's in the kitchen, work like a well oiled machine - there was no yelling, no plates being returned, no tempers flaring, just quite hustle and bustle!  I was in awe of these desserts being plated up and asked if I could take a picture - needless to say, that when it came time to us having dessert, this is the one I chose as well!

Aphrodite - Greek Goddess of Love

And since this is Wardrobe Wednesday, a girl has to put on some heels when going out for dinner....

Black top - small local shop that's now closed
Black tulip skirt - Sussan
Pink floral shrug - Dotti
Tights - Myer
Shoes - local shoe shop
Belt - Portmans (on sale of $4.95!!)


  1. How fantastic!!!!! Lucky you!!!! Looking pretty gorgeous there too ;)

  2. Truly lovely. What an elegant and special evening / outfit.

  3. you look so cute...well done.

  4. You look smashing! Saw that little shrug at Dotti today...gorgeous!! And that food looks sensational. Have found the best fashion design book. Will email you the going to be soooo fun to play with! :)


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