Sunday, August 1

flea market finds.....

One's mans trash is another man's treasure (or in this case, a woman's treasure!) and there is nothing like hunting around a junk shop, op shop or garage sale and spot a treasure in the distance, only to find out that the shop keeper or owner don't understand it's true beauty and value and have it listed at such a price that you just have to take it home...

but sometimes those places are filled with nothing that captures your eye and you leave empty handed AGAIN!!

Alas, this is when a girl can turn to Ebay, and hunt for random objects at her desire....
Two of my favourite vintage finds from the land of ebay are this cute little wooden plaque snapped up for $4

And this vintage barometer which was a little bit more (around $40 i think)

Perfect finds to adorn my wall next to this little plate of the dancing couple and clock!

What did you find this week, and where??  Well head to Sophie's to see more....


  1. I love how you have scattered a mixture of wall pieces to create a feature. Very designer and very 'house & garden'. xo

  2. Great finds. I really love the clock, its fabulous!

  3. my word! i love the plaque, and i am in TOTAL awe for that clock!!!! (if i may say so.) oh, and yes, it is a satisfying display indeed. he he. :)

  4. That clock is amazing!
    Just beautiful.

  5. I love the barometer! Perfect.

  6. I know the disappointment of finding nothing in a shop, as well as the disappointment of running out of money and having to leave a treasure behind.
    Have not yet turned to Ebay or other auction sites. That may be what winter is for.

    Great wall arrangement.

  7. Lovely! Love your wall, I have one done with mirrors! Hope you find more treasures this week ;-)


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