Saturday, July 31

handmade christmas challenge

I feel productive if I can sew, make or design something on a regular basis (hopefully a little bit each day - but not always).  This week has been busy, but I have been able to sneak in a bit of crochet, and some sewing and have been making some Key Fobs that I sell in My Store that I think will be great for small Christmas presents for Kinder teachers and friends....

I have also been having fun with my ever growing pile of scraps and vintage fabrics....

I wanted to make some tote bags as more and more shops these days are not providing plastic bags (ie, spotlight!!), and it does feel good not to carry those ghastly green bags around all the time!!

I thought of having a cute little saying on it...

Then I remembered my little crochet flowers I bought from OneCrafteeMumma and thought they would be a great addition.  The bags are not finished yet, but I really don't think I can wait to give them out at Christmas, so I think two special friends will be benefiting from my little experiment...

To join this Handmade Christmas Challenge...head over to knicky knacks!


  1. beautiful projects. my dream is to learn how to sew. instead of pursing the dream i seak out blogs that talk about sewing. sigh.

  2. This is totally gorgeous, love it!! Love Posie

  3. Love the Op Shop bag idea. Just great. The key fobs look really gorgeous - love the fabric. Terrific idea for Kinder teaches. I always struggle to think of what to buy them at Christmas and its always a last minute rush job. Thanks for joining in on the challenge this week. Tracey :)


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