Thursday, July 29

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They say that a four year old child can ask approximately four hundred questions a day!  wow - that's a lot, especially when you are the one person answering most of them day in day out!  My son's curiosity to question the every day phenomena is astounding, challenging, but mostly enjoyable as I endeavor satisfy his need for information....

examples of some questions include;

   - Why does it rain and how is wet?
   - What makes the letter R, R?
   - Why do the leaves turn brown?
   - Why is the moon so far?
   - how come you need so many (key fobs) mummy? (ha!  I do tell him I sell them, but so cute that he thinks I make myself heaps!!)

On one particular afternoon, when we were chatting we were discussing birthdays (as my and my son have both celebrated ours recently).  This is how the conversation went;

Mum are you older?
Yes, I am older than you
Why i cant i be old?
you will be one day
I want to be 29
how come...

So i can do knitting (crochet) too...

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  1. aww what a cutie....Great squares!

  2. Adorable! I hope you let him know that he can do all that stuff at four too.. maybe it's time to get out the Knitting Nancy!! (Did you have one of those? I did!)

  3. They can sometimes be rather chatty can't they? But at the same time say the cutest things. Love the granny squares.:)

  4. Yes, I hear you, the questions are relentless. Exhausting and adorable all at the same time...your squares look terrific!

  5. i wish i was as patient as you with all the questions ... they are driving me a bit batty at the moment ...

  6. Hi Mira, nice to meet you! I enjoyed reading your sons questions. They're like little sponges aren't they taking everything in and querying it until they get it right in their minds! Love the crocheting. Cathy x

  7. well that's a great answer. i hear ya though ~ the shortest car trip can feel like an eternity with a small one full of questions

  8. Oh, how sweet. And when he's 29 going on 30 he'll wish he was little again. Great story. x

  9. Ha ha - you've brain-washed him!!
    I love the questions theyask - so cute. 100 questions a day though - that explains why I am tired at the end of the day - it's 200 for me!

  10. I love those sweet questions - he has an inquisitive mind!

    Really love your crocheting, it looks amazing.

  11. kids can be so cute and ask the funniest of things. As they get older the questions become much more serious and I find my intelligence and general knowledge being tested constantly!! Love your granny squares..oh how I wish I knew how to crotchet. I really like the colours you have used.

  12. love everything about this post. hehe.

  13. How cute is your son! I love how inquisitive he is.

  14. ha I don't get all the questions ... yet! They are very challenging questions though! And how wonderful that he wants to "knit" just like mummy! And your crochet is looking great too!

  15. I always loved it when my kids asked me those sorts of questions. It really made me stop and think about the world as they see it. Your lovely crochet is inspiring for all ages too!


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