Wednesday, July 7

wardrobe wednesday

I do love a bargin, and I used to enjoy shopping but since little people arrived in my life,  it just does not seem as practical to spend hours in shop after shop and squeezing into tiny little cubicles with prams and toddlers and not to mention the frustration of trying to find nice clothes post-baby!

I have adapted my wardrobe somewhat since being pregnant (twice) and have getting the hang of dressing for my new body type. I am also tempted to try shopping on line for some clothes as I have found some lovely little websites (mostly overseas) but do ship to Australia.  The benefit is also that you can wait for their sale items, which will be in time for our new season stock!

Some items on my wishlist...

all from asos

I'm also finding myself drawn to bloggers who share their fashion tips and wardrobe bargins - like Sophie from her library adventures and Viv from Ish and Chi 

So, other day I found myself shopping (with my kids) and made a bargain impulse buy with loose change.  It was only a belt but it was $10 and I knew I could use it to update a little dress I hadn't worn for a while. 

So here is....

Belt - newly purchased on sale at Sussan
Dress - a few seasons old from Big W (that was a bargain too)
Leggings from Target
Boots - bought pre-children and still going strong - from Myer 
Bag from Strandbags

How do you shop??  Share your on line adventures or tips to shop with kids!!! 


  1. Your 'new' outfit looks fantastic! Well done. I love that look although haven't worn it myself. I just don't seem to buy much at all in the way of clothes for myself these days. Too difficult with children and because I'm out of practice I freek out when faced with new fashions. And of course there's the money side too! Being creative certainly looks like the way to go. Well done.

  2. i agree with you and sarah, shopping and fashion take a back seat when you have littles. i just don't do it.

  3. I think we must have very similar taste!~ I love all of those.

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog post the other day, I was quite overwhelmed by the lovely responses I received.

  4. shopping is in the too hard basket :) you look cute x

  5. Oh yes please to all of those yummy things!! ANd your belt looks great...gotta love a bargain!! Was thinking of doing a wardrobe thingy on my blog too...might actually force me to get out of my trackies for a day :) Hope you have a super (and fashinable!) weekend :)

  6. gorgeous things! love the stripy dress.

    looking gorgeous in your outfit you put together.
    it is so much harder after having little ones, to even find the time, let alone find clothes that are actually decent!

  7. What a great post. I try to shop for clothes when I have Tim handy and he can atch the kids -I usually head into one shop and grab a whole heap to try on (I am only tiny and find it so hard to buy clothes - so I am learning the best spots to head to) Often I have Amelia in with me and she takes a turn at tryingon what I have tried on - it is a cracker and really makes my day and she feels apart of it too. My dream shop would be one that was designed for Mum's with a cage for the kids with a few games - there were three stores in Wagga like this (two were childens clothes stores - neve really got that) but the other was a little locally owned lingerie store it was bliss.


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