Tuesday, July 20

80 years young....

Today it's my Nonna's birthday!  She is 80 years young!  On Sunday we had a surprise party for her and lots of people came together to celebrate a lifetime of acheivement, amazement, challenges and triumphs.
We danced and sang and had a great time and my cousin even performed a belly dance!

My Nonna holds a dear place in my heart.  This photo sits on my dresser in my bedroom.  I'm not too sure how old she was at the time but the sapphire cross she is wearing has been passed onto my mother and a while ago it was given to me....and one day I will pass it down to my daughter.

Buon compleanno Nonna! 

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  1. You look so much like your Nonna! My husband's family is Italiano so I really connected to this post. All our grandparents have passed away so we don't have any great-grandies in our family. It's a special relationship for your children.

  2. SO, so lovely! And the thought of that cross being passed down is too special! Hope you had a blast and ate far to much!! Wishing you a brilliant week :)

  3. your Nonna looks really cute! :)
    happy birthday for her!


  4. Happy Birthday to your Nonna! What a wonderful milestone to celebrate, how very special. I hope she had a wonderful day.:)


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