Wednesday, July 21

Birthday Giveaway Winner

It's time to draw a winner and here is the lucky number......

(OK so i tried to upload the Random Org Widget and it wouldn't work but the number was 7)

Yay! Quilary - you are the winner of my birthday giveaway and very spooky as 7 is my favourite number! 

Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes..... (old exhibition building)

I have had a marvelous day... (kitchen aid from my hubby and kids....more baking coming for sure)

And been spoilt rotten... (lovely friend from Pod and Three Peas baked me a delicious birthday cake and gifted me some lovely vintage canisters - filled with coffee and suger - oh how perfecto!)

Yay! I feel like a little girl having lots of fun!
(me when I was little!)



  1. Happy Birthday Brenda!!!!! What lovely gifts and a lovely outing for your special day. hope you're feeling better and enjoying a wonderful evening with loved ones. Lee xo

  2. Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday! Your chocolate cake looks so scrummy! Hope you ate LOTS of it today.
    Thank you so much for my present - I'm very privileged to be the winner of such a lovely giveaway. Thanks

  3. little miranda looks just like you in that photo, she just needs longer hair !! glad you had a special day x

  4. Thank you so much for picking me out! and on YOUR birthday too! Thanks heaps. Hilary


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