Saturday, July 24

Handmade christmas challenge;

I'm getting into the swing of things and finally bought some handmade goodies to start my Handmade Christmas Challenge - although it will be a double handmade effort here as these little beauties I got from the lovely Tamara at One Craftee Mumma will be used by moi to make pressie's for special people at Christmas...

Whilst I haven't yet confirmed what exactly I'll use each item for, possibilities are flowing, and I see cute little t-shirts with doiles sewn on for my neices, doily purses, or hair clips....

and with these, perhaps I'll make some embossed owl card pack or even framed paper owls to adorn a child's room.....

To see or join the Handmade Christmas Challenge head over to Knicky Knacks


  1. I love those motifs, I've just started making some of my own...oh the possibilities! Love your little owl cut outs too...

  2. those little crochet doilies will look gorgeous on little t's. great idea! : )

  3. Aren't they great! Love the beautiful vibrant colour of the doilies. How to you emboss owls? They look great.


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