Friday, July 16

want to join me for tea....

We could wear a pretty dress and maybe cute little shoes. 
I know this little place I think you will like....
I would put a bow in my hair and I would admire your dangly earrings. 
I could bring a thermos of tea
you could pack a some homemade biscuits

We could chat, sing, dance, play and we could swap some crafty tips
and squeeze in a spot of crochet.

We would admire the view, perhaps have a little lie down and laugh about life...
Oh wont you join me for tea
I've just poured you a cup....



  1. as i was reading on, i was thinking : "i'm there". seems like someone else had the exact same thought. can i come in work clothes? saves me the trouble. i will be careful not to shed house dust.... :)))

  2. I take mine with milk and no sugar, thanks ;-)

  3. Oh I love this caravan. I have caravan envy! I'd be glad to stay for tea but could I also please have a lemonade, in a tall glass, and may I carefully take a red straw from the milkbar straw holder? Please Oh please may I?

  4. ooo sounds like fun, shall I bring some of my French Earl Grey?


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