Wednesday, July 14

Wardrobe wednesday

After lots of nice comments and feedback last week I thought I would post another wardrobe related post!   I also can confirm I took the plunge and have made an online clothing purchase! And before you can say "what don't you shop online!" Of course I do, but not really for nicey nicey special things that usually I would be worried about needing to try on or ask for the shop assistants opinion deliberate in front of a mirror.

To date my online purchases include some cute collectables for the house off Ebay, some kids clothes off ozsale and Esty, the odd gift or so from fishpond.

I am registered to some discounted shopping websites and when I had a quick look one day I really liked this top which i thought would be great for summer.  Of course it was on sale and I thought it would be a good place to start my online clothes shopping experience....

Striped Tank - Brands Exclusive - $22

Speaking of discounts and sales, I picked up these jeans from Kmart not so long ago on a whim as I was wearing my "good jeans" all the time and knowing that if they were no good I could return them! They are so comforatable that I went back and bought the black pair as well - both $29 each! no need to wear trackies when these are so comfy.

Went out for a bit of grocery shopping and to the post office this arvo so got rugged up with a nice faux leather jacket (comfy and warm too) and of course a Melbourne necessity - a scarf!


Jacket - Monaco Jeans
scarf - target
Jeans - Kmart
boots - Tony Bianco


  1. LOVE that top! I swear we were seperated from birth...I promise you that I wore nearly the same outfit jacket was black leather and my scarf was khaki, denim jeans and black boots...what an absolute scream!! Hope you are having a gorgeous week :)

  2. ...these photos of you are so cute.

  3. i love your wardrobe wednesday! will try do it too next week although mine will be more wishes : ) great outfit bargain jeans dont you just love that! and well done with online clothes buying im still too scared! : )


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