Monday, July 12

at my house.....

Well it's the start of term 3 and we were off to Kinder first thing this morning and I was rostered on for duty which was nice, so i dropped my daughter off a friends and took her son and mine to Kinder and was able to stay and watch them play, create, make mess and interact.  The small group of 20 kids are just delightful and it was lovely being apart of it today.

this picture is of Balloon Man and his little friend (made by my two during the holidays) which is similar to how i spent my day at Kinder.....

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  1. How nice to have someone to help you with child minding while you do kinder duty. It"s always nice to spend some alone time with your children. My kids have especially enjoyed it when I have done kinder duty unaccompanied by any siblings. I think its those simple things that really make children happy.I'm sure your son had a great day.

  2. I love to play at Kinder too. The balloon man is terrific.

  3. I still have vivid memories of my Mum and Dad visiting at Kindy! What special that balloon man! :)

  4. My little boy loved my kinder duty day. He was relaxed and having fun and thought it was really special.

    I love that balloon man. I think we might have to give that a try some time soon. Thanks for joining in again and hope you have a good week. Lou.


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