Tuesday, July 6

finally...i get it!

Ok, so a while back I wanted to learn to crochet and set out planning out what I thought would be simple task of making granny squares for a lap blanket.  I took instruction from Pip's book and also from my mother-in-law (both seemed very skilled in this area) and began.

But I was dismayed when my squares were turning out more like weirdo, wavy, star fish like warped squares and they would not lay flat.....I was getting frustrated and cursed and swore a lot, thinking it was all in my tension and set out to rectify it - pronto - so I sat with yarn tied tightly around my fingers, so much so that I thought I might cut off the circulation - and of course to no avail - still wonky squares and more cursing.

Then, I decided to take a look a Pip's online tutorial of how to make a granny square and hailed in disbelief  but also with relief that I could see where I had gone wrong - it was only a small mistake - but made a huge difference.

So armed with more knowledge and a quick trip to Spotlight (to use my $10 voucher they gifted to me) I splashed out on some bright colours and began.......again.

I also found this great tutorial on how to join your squares as you go...so much better than stitching it at the end!  The instructions area so detailed even a complete novice like me can figure it out!!!

It's so lovely when you finally get a new craft right!


  1. but look at that, though! well done!!

  2. they look perfect now sweets !! still think the lumpy blanket will be cute though ... x

  3. I really must must learn to crochet! Maybe next winter.....

  4. i love these colors together.

  5. Not at all jealous. Not at all...


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