Wednesday, July 28

wardrobe wednesday

I cannot remember the last time I made myself an item of clothing....

this week, whilst making a skirt, my certain quirks regarding sewing for myself came flooding back....

regardless of what I am sewing, I have certain quirks, and laugh at myself, and often my husband will  shake his head in amusement - thinking "what are you doing??"

You see, I can't sew wearing shoes or slippers on my 'sewing foot' - that is, the foot that is controlling the pedal!  oh, no it has  to be as close to skin on metal (or plastic??) as possible - perhaps a sock, but sometimes not even, and in the cooler months when the chilly breeze is seeping through the cracks of our old floor boards, I am sure that I come close to loosing all feeling in my right foot and possibly suffering from frost bite (ok not quite frost bite, but you get my drift) as I parade around limping with one slipperless foot...

And so, as I enjoy cutting up fabric that will eventually be turned into an item of recognisable clothing, I again embark on a journey quirks as rarely am I able to settle on 'one pattern' as I feel compelled to 'create my own - as i go along' type of thing - which involves lots of 'trying the garment on' at various stages of production - which means, in this case, I end up wearing very little, standing next to the iron madly pressing seams, pinning hems all with one slipper on....

"honey - have you closed the blind in that front room?? - because the neighbours can see you!"
"ha - oops" - i say!

and so the stripy high-waisted skirt that i spied in a catalogue and admired,  is now finished!  Final price was about $11 for the fabric and I already had a black zip and I used little snap fasteners to close the band (which I thought about covering with buttons, but I like it as is, i think!).  It might not be exactly like the extravagant expensive version, but I am content with this little number!

We are off to a little girls 4th birthday party today, so perhaps I'll just stay as I am, as I feel dressed up to party, although I'll play around with with cardigan I settle on as I have a grey one i like...

black top - dotti
pink cardigan - sorry can't remember!
skirt - Hah!  Made by ME!!
footless tights - I think i just picked these up at the supermarket in an emergency, and they have been handy ever since!!
shoes - Miss Shop
braids - Diva
earrings - by me also!



  1. so so so clever and sexy to boot !! x

  2. It is SOOOO awesome lovely girl!! And had the biggest laugh twinnie because I am exactly the same. Try it on and then sew/iron/pin...try on again...and I forget to close the blinds too!!! Have trained myself to keep a slipper on as the cold was just getting too much (but I must say, I'm still not used to it) Bravo on such a fantastic skirt and gorgeous outfit. Hooray for fashion!!! :)

  3. Too fabulous! You look stylish, fresh and gorgeous.

  4. Love your skirt!! I especially like the high waist with the stripes going in the opposite direction.

  5. The skirt looks great and the contrasting stripes are a nice accent.

  6. That skirt is awesome - it looks fantastic!

  7. its gorgeous! i love it you're so clever and you look fabulous : )


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