Monday, July 26

not all girls like pink!

The sun is shining, the little one is asleep and big one is chatting to me whilst playing I quickly snap and pics of these items still to upload onto Made It....

These gorgeous little skirts are perfect for all seasons with added layers when cold or perfect with a simple t-shirt or singlet for when the weather is warmer.... (and a matching clip or brooch is included!!)

and not all girls love pink.....

So i have heaps of things in other colours other than pink in my store....


  1. They are lovely & what a cute idea to have matching brooches!

  2. Love those colours!! Could you maybe make me one of your lovely key chains in the colours of your last clip photo if you have any left? Soooo need one...keep losing them in the abyss that is my handbag. Hope all is well with you and your munchkins :)

  3. I love the colour combinations you've used Brenda, so pretty.:)


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