Tuesday, August 10

There once was a little red house....

And in that house lived a little red man

And everything in the house was red, the walls were red, the floor was red, the furniture was red and all even all the cups, plates and spoons were red.

One day, the little red man was having a little red shower when he heard the little red doorbell chime!

He grabbed his little red towel and tied it around his little red waist and ran down the little red stairs to open his little red door.

There stood a little lady (but she was not red) and she said hello....

As the little red mad was trying to say hello, his little red towel fell from around his little red waist....

The little lady gasped with shock, turned and ran down the little red path and out the though the little red gate and ran across the road in such a hurry that she did not look where she was going and caused much chaos and havoc as the cars tried desperately to avoid hitting her, beeping and some smashing into one another!  Luckily the little lady was OK.

The moral of this story is....

Don't cross the road when the little red man is flashing!

Have a lovely day everyone - here is the completed fold away carry house!


  1. That is amazing..... You've done a great job!

  2. Hahahahaha... I loved that story, I wondered where you were taking me.

    This little red house is the biz. The little touches you've added have made it so personal and sweet. My favourite is the bunting. What a happy birthday!

  3. Brenda it is gorgeous! I love it! You are very clever!

  4. Fantastic! Looks great! I haven't finished mine. Well it is finished but haven't done any "decorating". And then Khye wasn't that interested in playing with it. Oh well yours looks great and hope it is appreciated!

  5. Oh the bunting - I love that too! And the chair, very nice.
    Well done on getting it done so quickly for the birthday girl, it's adorable.

  6. Oh Bren you have done the most amazing job!! It is absolutely gorgeous! She is going to adore it!! Prepare yourself for orders off the other Mums at her party!! Hope all is wonderful with you :)

  7. cute story, love it!! : ) and your daughters little house looks fantastic you've done such an awesome job, she'll love it! : )

  8. Oh. My. Goodness! For one thing, that story was SO funny. For another - I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. How clever. I love the attention to detail. This is amazing. You are one amazing lady.

  9. Grandma said
    Great house, great decoration, love the ivy and flowers around the front door - just too gorgeous for a gorgeous pumpkin who turns 2.

  10. He he that really got my giggles going!
    I love that house. I keep going back to that site thinking it would be a beautiful pressy for Miss Bee, I really should get on to it!


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