Saturday, August 28

custom order!

Yes, my first one - so I'm quite excited and it's not even a regular item I make - it's a new design with a craft I'm just getting used to...

It's a crochet baby block....

My dear friend Ree will be a grandmother any day now with her daughter expecting a baby boy.  Ree picked these colours for her future grandson and I was thrilled to be asked to make something for her.

There are two little bells inside so it makes a nice little jingle when rolled around....

I'm happy with how it's turned out and hope this little handmade gift is enjoyed!


  1. congratulations, thats so exciting! its beautiful and the perfect gift. i love the colours she chose. : )

  2. Hello clever clogs, you! It's so charming. What a lovely gift for a new baby. Your friend will be so happy!! x

  3. What a perfect handmade gift for a special little've done a great job on it!

  4. Oh that's so clever...and gorgeous to boot! You're turning into a real crocheting whiz!! Hope you had a stellar weekend full of yummy food, cuddles and crafting! Will chat soon :) x x

  5. This is such a special little baby block. Lots of nice work here. Glad I dropped by.


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