Wednesday, August 11

{birthday celebration}

two years ago

we met

and fell in love

you are so precious and

dear to us

you bring light to our life 

and laughter to our world

I have the best job as your mummy

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet daughter! 

Birthday girl receiving her gifts - a few books and some lovely handmade lovelies (and yes she is wearing Lightening McQueen pj's - just like her big brother!) 

A gorgeous Madamoiselle doll from Steph at Mon Petit Poppet was given a warm hug and kissed and given special privilege in her cot during nap time. 

And getting stuck into her fold away fabric carry house - which was brought along with us to playgroup this morning. 

A cake has been baked and decorated
A bunting or two made
some games prepared
and balloons to blow up
A little party will be had to celebrate this milestone tomorrow...



  1. oh, they grow up too quick! Happy Birthday Little One!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one. What a lucky little girl with such lovely handmade pressies!

  3. happy birthday to your little cutie!!

  4. Happy second birthday to you too, mumma!

  5. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous pictures, I love seeing how she's changed over the last couple of years. x

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Hope she's had a fabulous birthday week! : ) xo


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