Monday, August 23

at my house .....

Taking it easy today at my house.....

A while back we were rearranging some furniture in the house, and this little side table wasn't really required anymore, when I got an idea to shorten the legs (plans to paint it white in the future!) and now it makes for a perfect desk area for the kids....

I've been so pre-occupied making things for markets and my shop lately, that I really wanted to make my kids something so I thought of a useful item - so I make these crayon apron rolls and filled it with chunky crayons and surprised them  - they don't really want to wear them around their waist, but they love taking the crayons out and it makes for a fun pack up!

I think the new desk area and the crayon aprons are a hit!

What's going on a your house?  To join in visit Lou ....


  1. What a great little area to sit and create:)

  2. Lovely that they have their own little 'desk'. They do look very well behaved and into it there in the photo. Great idea to make them something so practical. They will be great to take out and about as well. Lovely things happening at your house.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  3. Crayon aprons are a great idea! Love it. Hope the start of your week has been lovely. xo

  4. It looks like your little ones liked what you made for them Brenda. The crayon aprons are going to get lots of use, sitting at their new craft table.xo

  5. Their little space looks so lovely! And freaky again I know but guess what I made Bijou today...yes, a crayon roll, admittedly not an apron (fab idea!) but a crayon roll nonetheless! We will have to meet one of these days!!!!! Hope you had a brilliant market on the weekend and are having some much deserved down time this week :) x x

  6. It's really weird, but I have just had a look back at a few of your posts and the comments that I made are not there... I wonder if this one will come up? !!! x

  7. These crayon apron rolls are fabulous!These would be perfect for the toddler. Right now his crayons sit sadly in their cardboard box in the 'craft drawer'. This way is much better.


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