Thursday, August 12

my creative space...

It's been a whirlwind of buntings, cake making, present wrapping, and the sorts... It's amazing what inspiration you can find on the web to help create a handmade party atmosphere....

Today was my little daughters 2nd Birthday Party with a few of her friends...
And once the invitations were sent, a carnival theme emerged...

I got an idea for decorating the cake from Cathy (who is also going through a bit of a bunting obsession!!)

I did a bit of research on Carnival Themes and Martha Stewart's Blog had some great idea's like this popcorn stand - which is just paper cones (or you could use party hats) filled with popcorn and placed in holes a cardboard box.

Little people came and had a wonderful time - here is some fruit filled cups on my cup-cake stand!

And delightful gifts were received.  My friend has just begun crafting and made this gorgeous hair clip organiser which will be very useful.

And a cute miniture tea-set with it's own basket from my lovely friend here 

I also wanted to show the gift received from my Aunty.   She made this for my son when it was his Birthday - My daughter received a cross stitch equally stunning!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes

For more creative types - head here


  1. What fun! Everything looks amazing (I love the popcorn cones, so clever). She's a lucky little birthday girl for sure. x

  2. What a gorgeous party! Boy, there are some clever ideas out there, I love it!

  3. what a lovely Creative space! So many lovely things. Hope she had an amazing birthday.

  4. The last photo of the Birthday Girl is just gorgeous! You did a great job with the theme Brenda!!

  5. yay!!! looks like such a great day!
    love your bunting and cake! very cool.
    hope she had a ball, looks like an exhausted little one there.
    hope you are relaxing now, well done!

  6. What a lovely looking party, well done!

  7. Just gorgeous - well done! Loving the popcorn stand! You'll see that I joined in on the little bunting obsession also......


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