Thursday, June 3

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I tend to over-think things too much sometimes, and this is one occasion!  I am preparing my stock and making new items to take with me to the Sugar and Spice Market which will be held at Woodend on the 20th June.  I am very excited which has transpired into motivation but also over analysis!  You see, usually I am the market goer, not the stall holder, so now that I am the stall holder, I must not forget to think like the market goer....have I lost you yet??  My philosphy is pretty simple (i think).  My aim is offer great products at reasonable prices, but also something a little different, made with love and care and also to cater to everyone's budget.  Not all people plan to go to craft markets and some may have $20 in their pocket, other's $2. And lets face it....everyone loves to walk away with a little purchase (don't they??).  

So as I battle with pricing, packaging and products, I sometimes just ignore it all and take pictures.  

This is one of many little skirts that will come with me to the market and hopefully find a new little waist to call their owner! 

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  1. gorgeous little skirt! good luck with your decision making. the price one is a tricky one....

  2. That is so lovely! And I completely understand about the whole market thing. SO exciting but pretty scary too! Sorry I haven't popped in for a little while...have missed seeing what you've been up to. Have to keep telling myself that Mathilda's Market is only 3 weeks away...step away from the computer!! Hope all is well. :)


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