Tuesday, June 22

crochet corner....

I love to sit and craft the night away, some small little project that can be held in hand, done in small doses and packed away easily...perhaps something to work on whilst watching Master Chef or when sipping on a glass of wine and wearing some cosy slippers.

So, I grabbed one of the two chairs I picked up for a bargin a while a go and covered one with the crocheted granny sqaure rug made by my mother-in-law when my husband would have been a little boy. She gave it to me a few months back when I couldn't stop admiring it!! I knew that it would take me ages to get cracking on the project of doing up the chairs and finding the right fabric to recover the cushions, but now, i think i really like this little crochet corner, a place to sit and today it was used by me and the kids to pile upon to read and cuddle!


  1. It really does look like a very inviting spot :-)

  2. That looks very comfy! Love that Ink and Spindle cushion. :D

  3. that looks like the perfect cosy corner, I'd love to curl up in that spot right now! With a cup of tea and my knitting :)


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