Friday, June 4

a road trip

My son is turning 4 next week and we are having a little party for him with a few of his closest friends and what is nice, as he gets older is his involvement in the whole process.  I've made a cake for each of my children for all their birthdays so far as I love doing it, and I try to make them fun.  Last year I made a Stop Sign cake (yes, a hexagon with reddish icing with the word "stop" on it!), which he still talks about, so when I was discussing cakes for this birthday, his eyes lit up and I could see he was in serious deep thought about what he would like his cake to look like.  Given that he is still traffic mad, he thought that a cake with a road on it would be just the thing.

I remembered that I had the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book stashed away somewhere, so when I found that the suggested number 4 cake was indeed road/traffic themed, I knew he would love it.  So I passed the book to him and asked him to look through all the cakes, and pick one.

so guess which cake he picked....

And so now this book sits open on this page in his room and he just looks at it with excitement!  So cute....


  1. I've always liked that cake too. I have the same book. Isn't cake decorating so much fun? It's like colouring in only better. Have a great time making it. The cake is the most important part at our parties too.

  2. So lovely! Can't wait til Bijou is old enough to choose her own cake from that brilliant book. Surely every home sure have one!! Best of luck with the cake....and at least he didn't choose the jelly pool...or the carousel :)

  3. I agree with the others, every mother should own that book. I am disappointed though, that the newer version does not have the same cakes. All the best with making the cake and I look forward to seeing the pics.

  4. This is great! Gee, I'm wishing I made a stop-sign cake for William's third now - but the train went down ok. I'm totally nicking that idea for the 4th birthday! I can't wait to see the finished product. mmmmm.

  5. that is cute, my daughter pours over cake books year long, planning what her next will be!


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