Thursday, June 17

my creative space...

Today I got a lovely crafty surprise in my letterbox!  I won a giveaway over at one red fox last week, and my little parcel arrived today wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string!  oh I just got a warm fuzzy feeling just unwrapping it.

I knew I had won two vintage kitting patterns - both with adorable Aunty Mavis' name written one them in stunning script.

Kylie also included some gorgeous inspiration tags (each with a message) and a hand stitched felt bird!  I love it - it's so cute and can't decide where it should live!  Thankyou Kylie....

This afternoon, I am working on 'for the boys - part III' as I attempt to finalise some baby blankets to take with me to the market on Sunday.....

here's a peek at the stunning boys' fabric

See what other creative types are up to - head over to Kirsty's!


  1. Oh love the giveaway, a grown up game of tag, too cute!! Great blankets, good luck on the weekend, love Posie

  2. Great bright fabrics for the boys. Really hope I get to the market on Sunday but with my husband away and 2 little boys there is room for error. Hope to see you Sunday. All the best. Lou.

  3. Hi Brenda I am so glad you like your gifts I think I got a bigger buzz giving them though. Blessings!

  4. Those boy fabrics are gorgeous Brenda, hope the market goes well for you.
    Love that bird, isn't it nice to get 'friendly' mail!

  5. thank you, marnie, for stopping by and those wise words, slow is good too. sometimes i forget the power in that, then all i need is someone to remind me of it... :)

  6. THose fabrics are great - lovely colours for boys. Good luck for the market - wish I wasn't working and I could go along.

  7. what lovely presents! i am using brown paper at the moment too(for orders), and I am tying them up with yarn-it seems so cool and old fashioned at the same time! Lovely patterns on your fabrics-hope your market went well today...


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