Monday, June 28

at my house.....

Well, first official day of school holidays, and although neither of my kids are at school and spend a lot of time at home anyway, it still means that there is no Kinder, Gymbaroo, or Playgroup so I'll be busy trying to schedule in some activities for them to keep them occupied (and me sane).

This morning was a bit of joint activity as I wanted to take part in this little project that Pip has running over at her blog.

So I got the craft box out and some of my supplies and the kids help me put together a little package to send off to Pip.  The kids helped me pick some fabric, an old iron transfer I've had for ages, cute paper bunting, a flower i made of scraps of silk, some fabric yo-yos, cute little pegs, thrifted doily, and an inspiration tag.  We decorated the envelope (with the kids leaving just enough room for the address!!) and I shall post it this afternoon!

If you want the link to this project, just visit Pips blog or click on the button on the left.

And if you want to see what others are doing today head over to Lou's...

(i'll sadly be without my computer for probably a few days as it's a bit sick and needs to go and get fixed!!)


  1. Thanks for joining in again this week. Looks like a cute little package. I have seen a few of these packages online - it looks like fun. Hope the market went well yesterday.


  2. Your package looks great!! I will let you know what is in mine once I get a moment to photograph it!! stay tuned :) Sarah

  3. oh your package looks fab! I must get on and get my package together too!!

  4. A woman after my own heart, being creative for yourself in a way that involves the kids :) Such a generous filling you have put together. Imagine if you won the whole thing - wouldn't fit into your house!


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