Monday, June 21

at the market.....

Wow - what a day it was yesterday at the FIRST Sugar and Spice Children's Market in Woodend and only the second time I have had a stall!  First things first, Ali (organiser of the event) did an amazing job putting together such a wonderful market.  There was an area for kids to sit and draw, face painter, cupcakes from Cupcake Central the Coffee Man (much needed) and an array of creative, crafty stall to feast your eyes upon!

My friend an I headed to Woodend early and had so much fun setting up the stall and I got to meet Renee from Spunkee, Katie from 5 Star Baby, Melinda from Here We Go Loopy Lou and many others like Lark and Robin Street Market.

Of course I made a few purchases (for the kids of course).  Here is my son sporting his new hat from 5 Star Baby (doing the figures for me), and this little elephant now belongs to my daughter and was lovingly made by Renee at Spunkee.

It was a great day with loads of families streaming through the doors and David Cosma playing awesome music on stage!  As my stall was located right near the stage, David gave me his Debut Album - Hanging from Aldo, as a thankyou for selling some of his CD's and the fact that the speakers were only about a metre away from our ears! It's great easy listening music and the fact that we have such a talented Melbournian happy to come along and play at the Children's Market was such a bonus!

Thanks to my friend Sarah who was a great help on the day and thankyou to all that stopped by to say hello and those who made purchases - it was a great day and I hope to be back in September!!


  1. I love the hat! Sounds like a fun market

  2. Great to meet you too Brenda! I saw that hat your son has, but had gone by the time I came back, lol!! Very cute.

  3. Well done Brenda!! It looks like a brilliant venue. Hope you sold up a storm...your stuff is gorgeous (especially loved your little boys' pants). Hope you had a restful day today veiled in the afterglow of a brilliant market day. Wishing you a magic week :)

  4. So glad you had a great day. How awesome is David? I love his music, I meant to buy a CD yesterday but forgot (and spent all of my money anyway) Luckily the album is also on itunes!!

  5. Lovely to see you at the market Brenda. Glad you had a good day. Your stall looked lovely. Sorry I couldn't browse longer - the kids had had enough! See you another time. Lou.

  6. was lovely to meet you also, the hat looks fantastic!! hope to see you next time also!!


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