Wednesday, June 9

Happy Birthday!!!

 (2 days old)

Today my son turns 4!  Where did the time go? is the question me and husband asked ourselves last night as I worked on his cake for two hours!!! We remember bringing him home from hospital, first time parents, amazed at what we had created and then sat, the three of us in the lounge room, looked at each other....(both of us were thinking "what now??")

The last four years have been amazing, to say the least.  Watching you grow, nurturing you, teaching and experiencing the wonders of this world with you has been a joy and delight.  You have taught us so much and you are our greatest gift.  You are compassionate and kind, caring and thoughtful, inquisitive and have a zest for life that is infectious.   Happy Birthday my sweet son!

The cake took longer to decorate than first anticipated and I am glad I waited for the little ones to be in bed before I began as it was tedious and messy.  The ready made icing was so sloppy that I needed to add so much extra icing sugar just to get it to a consistency to roll with a rolling pin.  We deciding on a green number four instead of red, as last year my attempt to make red icing ended up looking a little pink and I wasn't sure how that would be received by the birthday boy! I was lucky enough to find the little traffic decorations at Go-Lo for $3.  All in all, i was happy with how it turned out and so was the birthday boy when he laid eyes of it this morning asking if he could eat it for breakfast!

He was so surprised to see balloons already blown up, and a few little presents waiting for him in the lounge room.  The best reaction was when he saw his new sign!

I'm off to prepare some food for our little guests and also some activities that they will be doing (like decorating their own biscuit, designing a jigsaw puzzle and pass the parcel!)

Thanks to you all for your lovely comments and suggestion - it's been great getting feedback and fun to share ideas around.


  1. congratulations on the cake - i hope you are feeling very proud! i find the cake the scariest part of a party. hope it all goes well!! happy 4th birthday.

  2. jack just adored the cake, he is still talking about it !! it was worth those hours of work to see those happy little boys faces :)


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