Wednesday, June 2

love affair....

Love Affair....

It's been nearly a year since you came into my life

I remember the day I first laid eyes on you

I knew then, that things would never be the same

and I took you home.

You spoil me, are kind and selfless

never demanding anything of me in return.

You're the first thing on my mind as I wake,

And without you, my mornings would be dull, and difficult.

I enjoy your strong body, two, three times a day 

And I have learnt how to get the best out of you.  

However, you don't get jealous if I go elsewhere. 

I love our relationship. 

You give me what I need, when I need it, never complaining.

You invigorate me and give me a buzz i just can't quite describe. 

So thank you....

My coffee machine


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