Saturday, June 12

for the boys.....

You know boys are pretty practical creatures - so totally different to us girls who need every accessory under the sun.  Nowadays you can't escape that anywhere, even in children's boutique's whereby the girls items dominate the store and the poor boys only get a quarter (if your lucky) of the space!  I know, I know, girls need tights, and clips, and pretty bracelets and bags whilst boys are happy with a pair of jeans, sneakers and a cap!

This is becoming infinitely clearer to me the innate differences between boys and girls.  My son, happy to wear whatever I chose him and ready to head out the door on time whilst my daughter (not yet 2) cries out "bag, bag, bag" and proceeds to fill it with all her essential items (at the moment they include a balloon - not inflated, a little container, a coin, and baby wipes).  She will not leave the house without her bag - even if it is just to drop her older brother off to Kinder!  I don't know where she gets it from, because I don't shout out for my bag, but it is quite cute really.

But this got me thinking about ensuring that my stock at the Sugar and Spice Market was as balanced as can be.  So last night I worked on some much needed winter accessories for the boys!

So I have made some cozy reversible scarves!  They turned out great with soft polar fleece and contrasting cotton.  I made a big button hole on one end, so the other end just loops right through - so fussing to tie it up or snap a closure!  Seeing as they were such fun to make, I might have to make some for the girls!

Hope your all having a fun weekend...x


  1. Yeah!! Someone who thinks of the boys! I have 3 boys and I get SOO frustrated with the imbalance in stores, boutiques etc. Us Mums of boys (however many) love nice things for our little men too!! See you on Sunday.

  2. They look great! When I need to make something for a boy I always struggle so I think your idea will be very popular at the market and it's getting very chilly too. Have a great weekend.:)


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