Monday, June 14

at my house.....

Oh dear...i almost forgot that it was Monday, until I sat down with my cuppa and glanced over at my Blog List!  Don't you just love public holiday's and today at our house, it really feels like a Sunday!

This morning, hubby and the kids headed off in the morning whilst I got some chores done and also a bit of sewing (will post some pic's tomorrow).  I am working on a few more items for the Sugar and Spice Market and these will be for the boys also!

The rest of the day has been spent in the kitchen with hubby making a fabulous lunch of freshly sauteed sausage that his parents made last week.  It's a family tradition that each year they make salami and the first few 'fresh' sausages need to be cooked before eating.  In a few months we'll have lovely homemade salami to eat!

Then I decided to make potato gnocchi for us for dinner and since it is quite a time consuming process, a Public Holiday is the perfect excuse!

Time to grab some books, find a cosy spot on the couch and read with the little ones....

What's going on in your house?  Visit Lou to join in....


  1. oh, to be a part of an Italian family....... such rich traditions surrounding food! I love the look of that sausage!

  2. Wow - you did have a productive day! I forgot that you were going to be at Sugar and Spice. I really hope I get there. Would be lovely to see your stall. It sounds like such a nice market. Lou.

  3. Sounds like a tasty time you had Brenda. I love to hear about family traditions....make me wish we had some ourselves! :))

  4. yum yum gnocci .. and love the little scarves, so clever :)


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